New form of walking assistance for pedestrian mobility, the C+ walks from Toyota.

  • Toyota Launches the C+walk S in Japan, a New Form of Walking-Assistance Mobility.
  • The C+walk T and C+pod are also improved.

Toyota City, Japan, March 20, 2023 – Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announced today that it will release the C+walkS, a pedestrian mobility assistance model that is the second in the new C+walk mobility series. The C+walkS will go on sale at Toyota automobile dealers and be offered at rental and leasing stores from March 20, 2023.

In addition, Toyota has also improved the standing-type model C+walk T as well as the C+pod. The C+walkT will go on sale in May as a model that can operate on sidewalks along public roads in compliance with the revision of the Road Traffic Act that will take effect in April. C+pod became available for lease contracts on March 20.

C+walk S "Safety support"
C+walk S “Safety support”

Mobility for All

Against a background of Japan’s aging population, it was reported in a survey that approximately 20% of those aged 75 or older listed 100 m as the distance they could walk without difficulties. It was also reported that the percentage of those aged 75 or older who go out was 10% lower than those under the age of 65, and those without a driver’s license go out approximately 20% even less frequently. Physical ability tends to decline with age, which limits daily activities such as shopping and going out.

Toyota has continued to provide customers with a variety of options to bring “Mobility for All.” It offers mobility options to suit each customer’s stage of life, from the C+pod, which can be used easily as local transportation, to the C+walk series, which can be used on sidewalks. At the heart of this approach is the creation of a better mobility society centered on people. Toyota intends to expand the spheres of activity of its users, support their independence, and bring joy to as many people as possible.

Toyota is also working with corporations and local governments to research a new business model using the C+pod and C+walk series to address the needs of local communities together with Toyota dealers. For example, in cooperation with the local government, C+walk S has been used as a means to help residents and tourists move around Hanawa Town Station in Fukushima Prefecture since around April. Toyota will explore the potential of using these mobility vehicles to complement regional transportation in order to achieve a better mobility society.

New form of walking assistance for pedestrian mobility, the C+ walk s  from Toyota

C+walk S

The C+walk s assists people who can walk on their own but have difficulty walking long distances and for long periods of time. It is a three-wheeled mobility vehicle that can travel on sidewalks and easily assess the road surface conditions ahead. The C+walk S shares the form of the C+walk series, which blends in with its surroundings and the city and travels at typical human walking speeds. It is designed so that it is comfortable to use in walking areas, facilitating side-by-side travel and communication with fellow pedestrians. The C+walk S is also equipped with obstacle detection safety functions that help avoid collisions with obstacles or pedestrians ahead.

C+walk T, C+pod

The C+walk T will undergo a size and maximum speed update in order to comply with requirements for small and slow mobility that can be operated on sidewalks (public roads). The C+pod has also been enhanced through updates to the braking sensation when stepping on the brake pedal in addition to regulatory compliance.

C+walk S Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices

(Japanese yen)
Brushless DC
motor x 2
Lithium-ion batteryRear-wheel drive
“Safety support”505,00


The C+pod is available on a lease agreement. Price plans vary by dealer. Please contact your local dealer or Toyota Rental & Lease Agency.

Reference: Manufacturer’s Suggested Reference Prices

(Japanese yen)
(Permanent magnet electric motor)
Lithium-ion batteryRear-wheel drive
(Permanent magnet electric motor)
Lithium-ion batteryRear-wheel drive
New form of walking assistance for pedestrian mobility, the C+ walk s from Toyota

Overview of the C+walk S

A form that blends in with pedestrians and walking areas

  • The C+walk S is a mobility vehicle that can be used in places where people gather. It shares the slim form of the C+walk series to ensure it does not stand out in its surroundings. It is a versatile package, designed with consideration for getting in and out of the vehicle. It features a low and wide step height of 130 mm, a seat position that makes it easy to stand and sit, and flip-up arm supports.
  • It has a three-wheeled configuration with one front and two rear wheels, allowing for easy visibility of the road surface in front while driving.
  • The steering stem―the part that connects the top of the front fork to the bottom of the steering wheel―joins seamlessly with the resin body, which features a removable battery that can be attached or removed with a single action.
  • It has a large storage area under the seat that can conveniently store shopping baskets.
  • The base body color is black, but warm gray, gray metallic, and copper mica metallic color panels are also available as dealer options for a more stylish appearance and to suit customer preferences.

Convenient and simple operation

  • Accelerator levers on either side of the C+walk series steering wheel can be used to control departure, acceleration, deceleration, and stopping. Simply squeeze the lever to depart, accelerate, and release the lever to come to a stop. This simple operation is intuitive and easy for anyone to use. Brake levers situated on either side of the steering wheel can be used to provide greater deceleration when required. Pressing the reverse button, which is independent of other controls, enables the vehicle to reverse.
  • The status display panel allows battery levels and speeds to be checked at a glance.
  • The vehicle operating system is activated by holding a special-purpose key over the recognition area, after switching the battery on.
  • The lightweight (2.5 kg) removable lithium-ion battery can be fully charged in approximately 2.5 hours using the included AC 100 V charging device. It is easy to take home and charge the battery as if it were a cell phone.

Riding performance is designed to be in harmony with nearby pedestrians

  • The C+walk S uses in-wheel motors: brushless DC motors are located in each rear wheel, allowing it to travel over bumps and on slopes with ease
  • It travels at a maximum speed of 6 km/h, which is within the range of typical human walking speeds and is capable of approximately 12 km of continuous riding range on a single full battery charge.
  • It features a minimum turning radius of 0.95 m, allowing for smooth maneuvering on narrow roads.

Safety and Security Functions

  • The C+walk S is equipped with obstacle detection functions that help avoid collisions with obstacles or pedestrians ahead. When the periphery detection sensor at the front of the vehicle detects a person or obstacle, the operating system issues both a visual alert on the display panel and an audio alert and automatically decelerates the vehicle to approximately 2 km/h. This allows for more time to maneuver the steering wheel and avoid obstacles, thus providing support for safe riding.
  • Turning speed control and steep slope detection functions come standard. The turning speed control function detects the angle when steering the vehicle around curves and provides deceleration support depending on the angle. The steep slope detection function alerts the driver when entering a steep slope and provides deceleration support on steep downhills, thereby providing users with peace of mind.
  • A convenient hand-push mode is available for short trips. This mode releases the electromagnetic brakes on the rear wheels so the vehicle can be pushed by hand.
  • The vehicle is fitted entirely with 10-inch puncture-proof tires that eliminate worries about puncturing.
New form of walking assistance for pedestrian mobility, the C+ walk s from Toyota

Main specifications of the C+walk S

Standard / Safety support
Length x Width x Height(mm)1,185 x 650 x 1,030
Base height(mm)130
Vehicle weight(kg)58
Minimum turning radius(m)0.95
Maximum number of riders(people)1
User height limit 140―185 cm
User weight limit 100 kg
MotorTypeBrushless DC motor x 2
Rated output(kW)0.25
Maximum output(kW)0.35
Main drive batteryTypeRemovable lithium-ion battery
Total voltage(V)25.2
Total electrical energy(kWh)0.33
Continuous riding range(km)Approx. 12*2
Charging timeNormal chargingSingle-phase 100 V/6 A
Approx. 2.5 hours (to full charge)
Maximum speed settings(km/h)1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (user-settable)
Maximum ridable slope angle (uphill and downhill)(˚)10
Maximum ascendable step-height difference(mm)50
Maximum descendible step-height difference(mm)50
Maximum passable gap length(mm)100
Operating methodSteering wheel
BrakesFrontDrum-type, RearElectromagnetic-type
Tire size(in)Front10, Rear10(fitted with puncture-proof tires)
New form of walking assistance for pedestrian mobility, the C+ walk s from Toyota
Lithium-ion battery being charged with a dedicated charging device (left)