Mercedes-AMG announces E-Scooter with 500-watt electric motor and 40 km range.

  • Range of up to 40 kilometers, top speed of 20 km/h
  • 500-watt motor power, 9.6 Ah battery, weight: only 14.7 kg
  • Information on distance, driving time, or battery charge level via connectivity with the Micro App

By the end of this decade, the brand known by its three-pointed star aims to become fully electric as it pursues its “electric only” strategy and has a clear plan for the transformation to an emission-free future. In addition, the ambition is to introduce innovative mobility solutions that will make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life in cities. For mobility over the so-called “last mile“, another emission-free solution is now about to come onto the market in the form of the Mercedes-AMG E-Scooter. This combines performance, exceptional range, and safety with high-quality components and sporty elegance. Folded simply and intuitively, the Mercedes-AMG E-Scooter fits easily into the boot of a car, while its low weight means that it can be carried conveniently on public transport. Which makes it perfectly suited for the city, for commuters, or even for longer distances.

Mercedes-AMG announces E-Scooter with 500-watt electric motor and 40 km range

In cooperation with the Swiss micromobility specialist Micro Mobility Systems AG, an e-scooter that is in a class of its own is coming onto the market. A 500-watt electric motor enables the matt black e-scooter to accelerate quickly to 20 km/h. Instead of a thumb throttle like most e-scooters have, it features a twist grip, which can be operated more intuitively and precisely to ensure even more riding fun. The powerful 9.6 Ah battery allows a range of up to 40 kilometers, ideal for example for the last stretch in inner-city traffic to your own front door. The new Mercedes-AMG E-Scooter thus not only fulfills the customer’s desire for flexible, individual mobility solutions but also offers the perfect complement to the sophisticated, urban lifestyle thanks to its stylish appearance.

Mercedes-AMG announces E-Scooter with 500-watt electric motor and 40 km range

In addition to performance and lifestyle, the focus here is naturally also on safety: thanks to a wide deck with anti-slip coating, a firm, and secure two-footed stance is assured. The AMG rhombuses so characteristic of the brand further enhance the appearance of the footboard. Sturdy rubber wheels with a diameter of 20 cm, as well as the individually adjustable suspension front and rear, allow the rider to flit effortlessly over uneven terrain. Thanks to the ergonomically shaped handlebar with telescopic function, the e-scooter can be individually adjusted to any body size. The AMG logo adorns the handlebars on both the right and left. An integrated bell allows users to alert others to their presence in city traffic, while the centrally positioned display provides information on speed, charging status, and riding mode. The Mercedes star below the front light rounds off the harmonious design. The Mercedes-AMG E-Scooter is braked either by an electric motor brake on the twist grip, with a drum brake at the rear, or via the foot brake on the mudguard. Turning the twist grip forward activates the kinetic recuperation system for braking and recharges the battery at the same time. The lights at the front and rear and the reflectors on the sides make even riding in the dark possible at all times.

Mercedes-AMG announces E-Scooter with 500-watt electric motor and 40 km range

A useful additional feature is the connectivity with the Micro App. The Mercedes-AMG E-Scooter uses Bluetooth® to connect to a smartphone, which can be attached to the handlebars in a special holder and provides the driver with valuable information about speed, distance, journey time, or battery charge status via the app. The integrated navigation system also shows the shortest route to the destination on the display. In addition, various functions such as the lights or driving mode of the e-scooter can be controlled directly via the app.

For ease of transportation, the Mercedes-AMG E-Scooter features an intuitive foot-operated folding mechanism and includes foldable handles. This means that it also fits into a small car boot and can be carried conveniently on all forms of public transport. Its low weight of only 14.7 kg is an additional plus.

Technical data

  • Weight: approx. 14.7 kg
  • Dimensions: length: 1050 mm; height: 1085 mm; width: 520 mm (folded: 1050 mm; 320 mm; 145 mm)
  • Motor power: 500 watts
  • Battery: 9.6 Ah, 450 Wh
  • Range: approx. 40 km Eco / 25 km Sport mode
  • Max. speed: 20 km/h
  • Charging time: 2.1 – 3.5 h
  • Tire size: front 200 mm, rear 200 mm
  • Brakes: 3 (1 front and 2 rear)
  • Lights: front and rear
  • Suspension: front and rear
  • Display: yes
  • Approved for use on the road: yes
  • Order number: B66959592

Founded by Wim Ouboter, Micro Mobility Systems AG became famous the world over in the 1990s for its Micro Scooter.

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