LG to present its future vision at the global mobility show IAA Mobility 2023.

The acceleration of electrification, connectivity and autonomous driving is fundamentally changing the mobility industry. In the new era, vehicles will no longer be just a means of transportation, but multifunctional spaces that offer new and different experiences. LG has been actively preparing for this future by developing innovative solutions and technologies that drive mobility forward.

At the global mobility show IAA MOBILITY 2023, taking place in Munich, Germany next month, LG is set to tell its story of entering – and thriving in – the automotive component sector, and share its own unique perspectives on future mobility.

Attracting car manufacturers and auto enthusiasts from all over the globe, IAA has, over the years, been transformed from a car-unveiling event into an exhibition that covers the entire mobility market and ecosystem. In line with the IAA Mobility 2023 theme, Experience Connected Mobility, LG will present a differentiated mobility experience that connects seamlessly across users’ lives. The company’s goal is to firmly establish itself as a reliable partner and supplier to global automakers that continuously provides innovative mobility solutions.

10 Years of Innovation

This year, LG marked the 10th anniversary of the LG VS Company with a grand celebration. Messages of congratulations from customers such as Hyundai Motor Group, General Motors and Renault reaffirmed LG’s growing stature as a key mobility partner. The automakers also spoke about continuing to collaborate with LG, working closely together to enhance the driving experience and improve road safety.

The LG VS Company has been consistently expanding ever since its foundation in 2013. After a decade in the business, the company is now strengthening its global presence in three key areas: infotainment solutions, e-Powertrain and lighting systems. These areas of technology are at the core of the driving experience, and the LG VS Company is at the forefront of integrating in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems (which feature advanced telematics and digital cockpit technologies) with powertrain and premium lighting systems.

LG to present its future vision at the global mobility show IAA Mobility 2023

Technologies for Future Mobility

Cleverly combining display and communications tech with the company’s proprietary human-machine interface (HMI), LG IVI systems continue to become even more advanced. Intuitive to use, these systems can offer seamless connectivity and a personalized interface for each passenger, even extending to customizable digital clusters.

With its LG Magna e-Powertrain venture, LG has been developing state-of-the-art integrated drive systems for electric vehicles (EVs) since 2021.

Meanwhile, the company reinforced its capabilities in vehicle lighting systems through the 2018 acquisition of ZKW Group, and bolstered its auto cybersecurity expertise by acquiring innovative Israeli startup, Cybellum, in 2021.

A Look to the Future

The global vehicle industry is making significant strides in transitioning from traditional internal-combustion engines to more eco-friendly mobility solutions, chiefly EVs and autonomous driving technologies.

In this fast-evolving environment, LG is leveraging its technological capabilities and years of consumer electronics experience to offer differentiated mobility experiences. The company is redefining the very nature of mobility and paving the way to a new era of innovation, convenience and safety.

Those interested in learning more about LG’s innovative technologies and vision for the future of mobility can tune into the company’s IAA 2023 press conference at 08:30 (CEST) on September 4 via LG’s website.

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