XING Mobility Debuts next-generation immersion cooling battery for EV at CES 2024

XING Mobility Debuts next-generation immersion cooling battery for EV at CES 2024.

XING Mobility Debuts Next Generation Immersion Cooling Battery, the Game Changer for Electric Vehicles & Utility Power.

Taiwanese company unveils world-first Cell-to-Pack architecture, high-volume XM25 system, and groundbreaking safety test results

TAIPEI, Jan. 6, 2024 – XING Mobility, a leading provider of advanced EV battery systems, is making waves at CES 2024 with its next-generation Immersion Cooling technology. Founded by veterans of Tesla and Panasonic, XING Mobility has been at the forefront of this game-changing approach to battery thermal management since 2015.

Immersion Cooling is a game-changing approach to battery thermal management. Instead of relying on traditional air or liquid cooling systems, XING immerses battery cells in a special dielectric fluid. This fluid, engineered for optimal heat transfer, directly surrounds and envelops each cell, ensuring uniform and rapid cooling.

XING Mobility’s showcase at CES 2024 features three global firsts:

  • IMMERSIO™ Cell-to-Pack (CTP) architecture: This innovative design boasts a gravitational energy density of up to 200 Wh/kg and a volumetric energy density of up to 400 Wh/L, the highest in the world. This breakthrough allows for significantly larger battery capacities in passenger vehicles without sacrificing space, effectively addressing range anxiety.
  • IMMERSIO™ XM25 Battery System: The first mass-produced immersion cooling battery pack, the XM25 offers 25 kWh of power and is readily available for both vehicle and Energy Storage System (ESS) applications. Extensive testing ensures its reliability, environmental resilience, and efficient power output.
  • Unprecedented safety test results: XING Mobility will showcase the results of a rigorous three-nail penetration safety test conducted on an IMMERSIO™ battery pack at 100% State of Charge. Remarkably, the immersion cooling technology successfully contained the thermal runaway, preventing fire propagation. This test demonstrates the unparalleled safety and stability of XING Mobility’s batteries.

XING Mobility’s CES debut coincides with its strategic entry into the American market. This move, fueled by recent investments from Kubota and the U.S. government’s focus on clean energy, positions XING Mobility to capitalize on the rapidly growing electric vehicle and construction machinery markets. The company actively seeks partnerships with U.S. dealers to accelerate the adoption of its groundbreaking technology across passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, industrial machinery, and ESS applications.

“XING Mobility, with its exclusive immersion cooling battery technology and products, makes its debut at CES 2024, officially marking our entry into the American market,” stated Royce YC Hong, Co-founder & CEO of XING Mobility. “We are committed to providing a safer and more stable choice for battery thermal management to the global market, rewriting the safety norm for industrial electrification, and realizing a globally high-efficiency sustainable future.”

“The potential of XING Mobility’s immersion cooling technology is truly transformative,” said Ida Wu, General Manager of XING Mobility. “We are excited to showcase our innovations at CES and collaborate with industry leaders to drive the future of sustainable mobility.”

XING Mobility will showcase its products and technology at LVCC West Hall Booth 6857 during CES 2024. Meanwhile, Ida Wu, General Manager of XING Mobility will participate in the “The Future of EV Batteries is Big” seminar on January 10 from 10:00-10:40 at LVCC West Hall W219. The seminar will discuss the potential of electric vehicle batteries, how to overcome challenges posed by materials and costs while breaking the size limitations, as well as trends in electric vehicle batteries.