2024 Buick Envision. Image from Buick

Super Cruise Hands-Free Assistance Coming to Buick. Also, Buick unveiled the 2024 Buick Envision first look.

Detroit, June 13, 2023 – Buick today provided a glimpse of the upcoming new 2024 Envision, which introduces a refreshed design inside and out and will bring Super Cruise to the brand.

For the first time, Buick drivers will have the option to experience Super Cruise, GM’s first true hands-free driver assistance system, compatible with more than 400,000 miles of roads in the U.S. and Canada.

Under the right conditions and with an attentive driver, Super Cruise can allow for hands-free control of the car. Super Cruise technology works in conjunction with Adaptive Cruise Control, which may control acceleration and braking while it is activated and operating to maintain a driver-selected following gap. Super Cruise works with GM’s Connected Services and employs real-time cameras, sensors, GPS, and LiDAR map data to recognize bends, making lengthy rides and commutes more comfortable.

A data connection is required for real-time, precise positioning as well as periodic Super Cruise map updates. You must have an active and qualifying Gm Connected Services package to use Super Cruise. Super Cruise vehicles are also linked to OnStar® Emergency Services, allowing Emergency-Certified OnStar Advisors to help drivers if they become unresponsive while using Super Cruise.

The 2024 Envision will implement Buick’s new sculptural design language through a Wildcat EV2-inspired exterior featuring Buick’s new grille and front fascia that dons the brand’s new body-mounted emblem on a refreshed hood.

Super Cruise Hands-Free Assistance Coming to Buick

The new Envision is the third of five new vehicles Buick is debuting through 2024, continuing the brand’s momentum that has seen it become the fastest-growing mainstream brand in the U.S., with sales up 76.4% through May 2023. The current Envision is delivering record retail sales over the first half of 2023 and is on track to have its best sales year ever. The updated 2024 model is set to further boost Buick’s portfolio, which is quickly becoming one of the freshest vehicle lineups in the industry.

Additional vehicle details and more information on the new 2024 Envision will be released later in the year.