iT-C Smart Helmet is an all-in-one smart, carbon fiber motorcycle helmet

iT-C Smart Helmet is an all-in-one smart, carbon fiber motorcycle helmet designed to increase the visibility and safety of the rider and their motorcycle.

TALI’s premium all-in-one, carbon fiber smart motorcycle helmet is expanding opportunities for visibility and communication so riders can have a ride-smart, ride-safe and ride-free experience.

Motorcycle riders face significant safety and visibility risks, especially in severe weather. 64% of riders wear a helmet approved by the Department of Transportation. However, current smart helmets, lights and technology lack an all-in-one interactive experience that should emphasize rider safety while providing peace of mind for loved ones.

TALI is an emerging tech leader in the motorcycle safety and riding community. A recipient of the
2020 and 2021 CES Innovation Award, the iT-C Smart Helmet consists of three core components:

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Smart Helmet:

A carbon fiber shell with a comfortable, breathable foam interior featuring an
integrated lighting system synchronized with the motorcycle’s turn and brake signals. The
photochromic visor instantly adapts to all lighting situations. Riders can also easily access music
or make phone calls with convenient hands-free voice commands using smart assistants like
Alexa, Siri and Google.

Safety Beacon:

This attachable device detects falls and accidents, and alerts emergency services, family and friends. A 100 dB alarm is connected with the mobile TALI ride app, monitoring the bike and its surrounding environment, while an embedded GPS, Bluetooth and an eSim chip connects the rider wirelessly to any network in the world.

iT-C Smart Helmet is an all-in-one smart, carbon fiber motorcycle helmet


This mobile app connects to the smart helmet and safety beacon, retrieving information from the bike. With the mobile app, riders can access features such as adjusting their lighting settings, connecting with other riders, accessing anti-theft alerts, sharing ride data with family and friends, viewing performance data, and receiving service reminders. The iT-C Smart Helmet visor is anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-UV. The self-contained visor has an ultra-fast response time Double-D buckle chinstrap. The smart helmet’s battery life lasts between 4 to 6 hours and charges with either the standing wireless charging base or USB-C connection. When charging, the battery life is quickly restored, returning to 80% with just one
hour of charge time. Additionally, the wireless base has a built-in fan to ventilate the helmet.

“Motorcycles are my passion but when I set out to get my motorcycle license, my wife feared for
my safety and well-being,” said founder and CEO, Issam Tali. “What started as a concern for
safety inspired the idea to create the iT-C smart helmet to meet real needs of security without
putting any features aside. Our goal is to protect, reassure and support the entire motorcycle
community, their families and friends by increasing visibility and rider safety.”

The iT-C Smart Helmet is available in XS-XXL for three shell sizes.

TALI protects and supports the world’s motorcycle community, making roads safer for
everyone. Their innovations elevate both technology and design with high-performance
motorcycle equipment that’s intuitive, integrated and forward-thinking. Founder and CEO Issam
Tali’s inspiration started when his obsession with motorcycles caused his wife to worry for his
safety. He embraced his wife’s concerns as a calling, prompting him to start the TALI adventure
and create the iT-C Smart Helmet.