Horwin America launches SENMENTI electric motorcycle series at CES 2024.

  • California-based Horwin America launches the sporty and versatile SENMENTI 0 production model (MSRP: $16,800, now available for pre-order and test rides).
  • Horwin is also unveiling two concept models: the SENMENTI X concept, a Hyper GT built for luxurious and long-range touring, and the SENMENTI 11 concept, a futuristic city explorer of high-performance, style, and technology. Both models are available for pre-order.
  • All SENMENTI models are 80% charged in 30 minutes and compatible with most home charging stations. They can also supply power to other products.

LAS VEGAS (January 9, 2024) – Horwin America Inc. (“Horwin”), a global mobility company revolutionizing the electric motorcycle industry, is making its U.S. brand debut at CES 2024 with the launch of the SENMENTI series, a dynamic new line of EV motorcycles born of the all-American ideals of freedom on the open road without compromising performance, styling, and sustainability.

Horwin comes to the market with a dream to disrupt, trailblazing with pioneering technologies that propel the mobility industry towards a sustainable future. Horwin aims to engineer the delicate dance between human evolution and technological harmony, nurturing a future where the two coexist. Horwin positions itself as the medium through which the world discovers and explores new frontiers. With the mission to disrupt the status quo, Horwin is pushing and fostering a balance between technology and humanity in a sustainable environment.

Horwin America launches SENMENTI electric motorcycle series at CES 2024
  • All the three models launched and unveiled at CES are now available for pre-order with a fully refundable $100 deposit.
  • A limited special offer will be applied to the first 500 pre-booking customers of SENMENTI 0. These pre-booking customers of SENMENTI 0 will receive three years of free charging nationwide, a lifetime OTA push upgrade, and an amplification of the $100 deposit (pay $100 now and get $900 off from the down payment).
  • Customers can also apply now for a demo ride of the SENMENTI 0 in Q3 of 2024.

SENMENTI 0 electric motorcycle

Senmenti 0 is supremely versatile, offering a sporty ride with impressive range. This high-performance electric “Urban-ADV” – urban adventure vehicle – has been updated with a lighter-weight body for agility and more precise handling.


  • Mobile power sourcing – charging capabilities can power a wide variety of electronic devices and appliances.
  • DC Fast Charge is compatible with most home charging stations. DC Fast Charging Time is 0-80% in 30 minutes.
  • Intelligent local vehicle-to-vehicle networking technology that collects ongoing data from active Horwin bikes to personalize the experience for each individual rider based on behaviors and preferences.
  • AI-Powered ARAS (Advanced Riding Assistance System)
    o Designed to increase personalization as the system collects data to understand the rider, preventing accidents and enhancing rider protection and confidence.
Horwin America launches SENMENTI electric motorcycle series at CES 2024


  • Electric powertrain is eco-friendly, low-maintenance, and high-performance.
  • The modular design and advanced integrated thermal management, featuring multi-faceted electrical control and temperature regulation, speak to Horwin’s commitment to sustainable and high-performance mobility solutions.

Power and Charge

Battery16.9 kWh
DC Fast Charge0 – 80% in 30 minutes.


Range, Combined186 miles


0 – 602.8 seconds
Top Speed125 mph
Maximum Torque 894 Nm)
Horsepower100 hp/74kW


Rear ShocksKYB spring shock dampener
Brakes, Caliper TypeJ. Juan dual piston front, single piston rear


Length84.4 inches
Seat Height31.2 inches
Ground Clearance5.7 inches
Wheelbase59.1 inches
Tires, Front Specification120-80/16 MC 50P
Tires, Rear Specification160-80/14 MC
Weight507 lbs.


The SENMENTI X Hyper GT is the ultimate performance touring motorcycle. With a WLTP-estimated range of at least 250 miles on one full charge, DC power outlet, adaptable riding position, and adjustable equipment, SENMENTI X blends rideability, comfort, and luxurious performance with a top speed of 125 mph.


The newest addition to the SENMENTI lineup is Horwin’s sleek, futuristic concept of a high-performance motorcycle. Sharply styled with sleek panels, oversized wheels, and an aggressive stance, SENMENTI 11 is for thrill-seekers and adventurers.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Horwin and tell our story to new audiences. The U.S. is obviously a critical sales market for any EV company. As vehicle manufacturers transition to an all-electric future, Horwin is already ahead of the curve, thanks to years of developing advanced 5G-enabled manufacturing processes enriched with artificial intelligence to pioneer a more sustainable future,”

said Wendsor Zhou Wei, CEO and founder of Horwin

“We look forward to showing riders, from performance enthusiasts to first-timers, all the advantages of riding an electric motorcycle. We want people to think of Horwin like your smartphone – you can’t leave home without it,”

said Wei