Ford Becomes America’s Best-Selling Brand in Q1 with rising sales for Trucks, Vans, Broncos, Large SUVs, EVs, and Mustang.


  1. Ford is America’s Best Selling Brand in Q1 with total vehicle sales of 456,972 up 10.7 percent on the strength of icons like F-Series, Bronco, and Mustang, commercial vehicles, and EVs
  2. Number 1 selling Truck manufacturer – sales up 19.6 percent and outselling GM’s combined truck and van sales.
  3. F-Series is America’s Best Selling truck with sales up by 21.1 percent totaling 170,377 pickups outpacing Silverado by 46,000 trucks.
  4. Explorer is the best-selling, three-row midsize SUV, and Expedition sales double
  5. Ford EV sales are up 41.0 percent.
  6. Ford is increasing capacity across Ford Blue, Model E, and Ford Pro and will continue through the year to meet customer demand.

Dearborn Mich, April 4, 2023 – Ford’s iconic vehicles, commercial and EVs drove a first-quarter sales increase of 10.7 percent making Blue Oval America’s Best Selling Brand.

Sales surged across Ford’s areas of strength, including trucks (up 19.6 percent); three-row SUVs (up 47.6 percent); Bronco brand (up 18.3 percent); Ford Pro Transit van (up 86.0 percent); Mustang (up 5.2 percent) and electric vehicles (up 41.0 percent).

Ford’s overall vehicle sales – Ford Blue, Ford Pro, Model e, and Lincoln – Totalled 475,906, up 10.1 percent with an estimated share up over a year ago.

Ford’s EV sales grew 41.0 percent in the first quarter on sales of 10,866 electric vehicles. F-150 Lightning sales totaled 4,291 pickups with production capacity actions on track to hit an annual production run rate of 150,000 this year. Sales by Ford Pro of the E-Transit, America’s best-selling electric van last year, climbed 62.7 percent. Reflecting downtime at the plant for changes to increase production, Mustang Mach-E sales were down.

For is America’s No 1 selling truck manufacturer, with 254,023 trucks and vans sold in the first quarter, outselling GM’s trucks and vans by approximately 27,000 vehicles. Sales of Ford’s overall trucks, including pickups and vans, were up 19.6 percent on the strength of F-Series pickups (up 21.1 percent) and Ford Pro’s Transit Van (up 86.0 percent).

To support this momentum, Ford’s Kansas City Assembly Plant will add a third crew in April to increase production for Ford Pro of the best-selling Transit and E-Transit vans. Ford also is increasing production at manufacturing plants across North America to meet strong customer demand for vehicles including Mustang Mach-E, F-150 Lightning, Bronco Sport, and Maverick.

Ford is off to a fast start to the year. Ford’s sales growth and investments are a direct result of strong customer demand across our truck, SUV, and electric vehicle segments. And this year’s high anticipated new product launches with Super Duty, Escape, Mustang, and Ranger, will only add to this momentum.

said Andrew Frick, vice president, sales distribution, and trucks

Ford Explorer was the best-selling, three-row midsize SUV in America, and the red-hot Bronco brand saw sales growth of 18.3 percent, including a 37.6 percent rise of Bronco. Additionally, Expedition sales surged.

Bluecruise, Ford’s driver-assist technology, is now available on 186,000 vehicles; customers have accumulated more than 55 million hands-free miles driven with the technology. Consumer Reports rated Ford Bluecruise as the top-rated active driving assistant system.