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CES 2024 to showcase latest mobility technology innovations.

If it floats, sails, or drives, you’ll most likely see it at CES 2024. More than 400 exhibitors will display their latest advances in vehicle technology at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 9 to 12. Explore ship, drone, EV, and other innovations powered by AI, robotic, autonomous, and remote tech in the LVCC central and west halls, as well as outdoor venues, to improve sustainability, accessibility, and efficiency. Here’s what’s coming up.

In 2024, CES attendees will witness live demonstrations of smart mobility in vehicle technology, often before the rest of the world. The sector includes advanced technology-driven transportation solutions for land, sea, and air that are destined for consumer and commercial markets.

CES 2024 will showcase the most recent advancements in the entire ecosystem, including AI, sensors, and advanced connectivity, as well as fully autonomous vehicles. While self-driving passenger cars have been on display at CES for years, more self-driving commercial trucks and industrial machines are making an appearance as companies strive to improve safety, sustainability, and productivity. In addition, marine vessels are a new frontier for self-driving and other technologies. Advanced air mobility is an emerging trend in smart mobility in the skies. Drones that deliver packages to electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft are examples of solutions.

Caterpillar and John Deere are among the exhibitors in smart mobility. Both companies are well-known around the world for producing construction and mining equipment, as well as agricultural machinery, heavy equipment, forestry machinery, and diesel engines. CES 2024 will also showcase startups that are breaking new ground in moving people and goods farther, faster, and more efficiently. Following are a small sample of representative mobility technology exhibitors.

CES 2024 – Aeva

Booth 6841, LVCC West Hall

This startup and 2023 Innovation Award honoree brought to market the world’s first 4D LiDAR (light detection and ranging) sensor on a chip. Aeva employs frequency-modulated, continuous-wave (FMCW) technology to deliver information about the environment with camera-level resolution up to 20 times that of traditional LiDAR sensors. In this way, Aeva helps automated vehicles detect even small road hazards at highway speeds, and from twice the distance possible with alternative LiDAR solutions. Learn more about Aeva at CES 2024.


Booth 3916, LVCC West Hall

The largest recreational marine company in the world, CTA member company Brunswick is also a repeat Innovation Award winner, having earned honors in 2022 and 2021. The company is well known globally among boating enthusiasts for designs and technology that make seafaring experiences safer and more accessible for all skill levels. At CES 2024, Brunswick will exhibit its latest developments for easing the path to life on the water. As described in an October article and CES Tech Talk podcast, Brunswick has dominated its sector through technologies that enable autonomous and remote operation, as well as electrification for improved motor efficiency and sustainability. Learn more about Brunswick at CES 2024.

HT Flying Car Inc.

Booth 3916, LVCC West Hall

This startup, an affiliate of XPeng Inc., is the largest flying-car company in Asia. It’s working to deliver the cars of the future that are smart and safe for individual users. The company’s X2 was the first crewed eVTOL to receive a Chinese flight permit, a key milestone to attaining mass-production status. In September, the company announced the development of the X3, a prototype two-seat vehicle with eight propellers. Don’t miss this exhibit to see how close flying cars are to becoming a consumer reality. Learn more about HT Flying Car Inc. at CES 2024.


LVCC Diamond Lot 110 and 120

Startup and member company Supernal, part of the Hyundai Motor Group, will spotlight advanced air mobility (AAM) for full effect outside West Hall in two locations adjacent to the Vegas Loop. The company is dedicated to incorporating eVTOL capabilities into existing transit systems. As summarized in a September article, this first-time CES exhibitor will demonstrate its mastery of electrification, autonomy tech, robotics and smart manufacturing to accelerate safe and feasible mobility in the air. Learn more about Supernal at CES 2024.

Tomorrow’s vehicle-tech marvels will span acres of prime Vegas real estate from the convention center’s central and west halls to the outdoor spaces of the Central Plaza and Diamond Lot. With so much to explore in the show’s Vehicle Tech and Advanced Mobility category, the CES Exhibitor Directory can help with prioritizing companies to visit. Don’t miss out; register for CES 2024 today to experience what was science fiction only a few years ago.

Source: CES