BMW and TYDE to develop innovative watercraft for emission-free urban mobility.

  • BMW teams up with boat manufacturer TYDE for waterborne mobility
  • The mobility concept designed by Designworks showcases sustainable luxury at work

Munich, April 11, 2023 – BMW is developing THE ICON, a craft offering emission-free mobility on the water. Developed in collaboration with boat manufacturer TYDE, this watercraft exemplifies an ecosystem underpinned by a holistic way of thinking that redefines emission-free mobility and incorporates travel on water alongside transportation on the road.

Urban conurbations, in particular, are in need of new and more sustainable solutions that make sense for the people who live there. Boat manufacturer TYDE is responsible for the development and realization of THE ICON. The design of the innovative watercraft was created in the studio of BMW Group subsidiary Designworks.

This novel concept sees BMW utilizing existing technologies and knowledge to create an integrated solution offering sustainable premium mobility in urban areas. The many years of experience of the BMW i brand in electric mobility combined with the expertise of boat manufacturer TYDE. With a future-focused design and a locally emission-free drive system, THE ICON also showcases a progressive interpretation of luxury in the form of responsible pleasure.

BMW and TYDE to develop innovative watercraft for emission-free urban mobility.

THE ICON once again demonstrates how BMW keeps rethinking mobility. This approach spans the relentless expansion of electric mobility and the shrinking of environmental footprints throughout the value chain. And it also includes getting involved in the field of urban transport management. Through its myriad co-operations with cities, universities, companies, and organizations, and in the areas of politics and society, the BMW Group is working on solutions that will re-imagine urban mobility in a more sustainable form. Its aim is to use innovations to help meet the mobility needs of people and at the same time safeguard the quality of life in urban areas.