AUTOCRYPT achieves ASPICE CL2 for TEE-Based In-Vehicle Systems Security.

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 3, 2023 – A global leader in automotive cybersecurity and connected mobility technologies, AUTOCRYPT announced its certification for ASPICE Capability Level (CL) 2. One of the very first and few cybersecurity providers to achieve this certification, AUTOCRYPT was recognized for its well-established processes in securing in-vehicle systems and software.

ASPICE, or Automotive Software Process Improvement Capability Determination, is an assessment scale used to evaluate an automotive supplier’s software development and management procedures. It is a de facto standard for continuous improvements in the software supply chain, confirming all components are planned, performed, and managed systematically.

AUTOCRYPT obtained ASPICE CL2 certification for its AutoCrypt IVS-TEE software security platform, a trusted execution environment (TEE) built into application processors. Since the TEE is separated from regular operating systems, it allows applications to run in an isolated and secure environment. As one of the first to integrate TEE into the automotive ecosystem, AUTOCRYPT expects to further strengthen its international partnership network for in-vehicle software security.

“Automotive architecture is transforming rapidly. More and more application processors are built into vehicles to run advanced applications like ADAS, infotainment, and the central communication unit. This makes software security a key determinant of vehicle quality, reliability, and safety,” said Daniel ES Kim, CEO of AUTOCRYPT. “We look forward to integrating cutting-edge security technologies into the automotive supply chain to ensure a reliable and flawless software-defined experience.”

Beyond its usage in securing in-vehicle systems, AutoCrypt IVS-TEE will soon be integrated into security-critical services such as OTA, digital key, and smart EV charging. The solution is now available worldwide for OEMs and tier suppliers.

AUTOCRYPT is the leading player in automotive and smart mobility security technologies, paving the way for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) and autonomous driving through a multi-layered, holistic approach. Through security solutions for V2X, V2G (including PnC security), in-vehicle systems, and fleet management, AUTOCRYPT ensures that security is prioritized and optimized before vehicles hit the road.